Feb. 11, 2011 - 6:34pmThe End
Well, its over.

Distraction-mod.com will officially close around April.

The game's files will still be available through moddb, and if we have time we may or may not decide to pack up the source code and put it up for others.

Other then that, its been fun, theres been alot of people along the way who've made this possible, its a sad end that we couldn't get all the things done that we wanted, but we got something solid and playable out and we're very proud of that.

Anyone can do it, you just need the dedication to learn :)

Thanks to all of you, for those who've helped and for those who've played the game and enjoyed it. We sincerly hope that anyone whos contributed to this doesn't regret it.

Not sure what will happen with the site, maybe someone will pick it up from me and keep it running, maybe not.

Either way heres a fun picture to end it.

dhl_plaza by MilkMan

Dec. 30, 2009 - 2:08amDHL2 Beta 1.1 Patch
After receiving a lot of feedback we have finished patch 1.1 to address some of our current bugs and weapon balance issues. We have also fulfilled strong community requests for an auto assign button and a brief period of spawn protection.

Client Patch 1.1

Win DS Patch 1.1

Linux DS Complete Beta 1.1

Special notes goes :

NOTE TO PLAYERS: You will have to rebind your slow motion key.

NOTE TO SERVER ADMINS: LMS supports a maximum of 8 players at the moment, due to the limited number of spawns on our maps. If you want to set up a custom mapcycle you can override the maximum with the CVAR dhl_override_lmslimit. See the included readme for more info.


-Added: Map dhl_ecorp by MilkMan.
-Added: Autoassign team button.
-Added: Larger blood spray effects for better feedback on hits.
-Added: Spawn protection.
-Updated: Pressing TAB at the team or weapon selection screens now displays the scoreboard.
-Updated: One combat knife is now given by default on spawn instead of a Deringer.
-Updated: The last combat knife can no longer be thrown.
-Updated: Melee behavior.
-Updated: Numerous weapon balancing issues.
-Updated: Animation is now played for third person knife throws.
-Fixed: Spectator controls don't work after death in roundplay and other players occasionally disappear.
-Fixed: If the slow motion key is pressed while dead it takes effect upon respawn.
-Fixed: Style points are awarded for kills while waiting for the first round to begin.
-Fixed: It's possible to dive when falling to avoid fall damage.
-Fixed: LMS breaks if players go to spectator.
-Fixed: Backwards run speed is same as forwards.
-Fixed: HL1 style breakable windows on escobar can't be dived through.
-Fixed: Team roundplay group spawning code occasionally drops players from 25 feet in the air on dhl_enterprise.
-Fixed: Ragdolls behave oddly sometimes if you die while diving.
-Fixed: Throwing knives hitting physics props sometimes crash.
-Fixed: It is possible to dive while swimming.
-Fixed: It is possible to run around at full speed while showing the prone animations.
-Fixed: It is possible to select the other team's model during teamplay.
-Fixed: Time isn't always provided for players to select weapons before the first round starts.
-Fixed: Standing on top of a prone player and killing him with a melee weapon kills you as well.
-Fixed: Combat knives can be repeatedly dropped with dropprimary, causing server performance issues.
-Fixed: Baseball bat doesn't play an animation for swing and miss.

Dec. 24, 2009 - 8:20pmReleased.
It's here.

Happy holidays, it's been a long, long time in the making, but it's here. The first official beta.

We would have liked to do more, and we have a ton of half-finished stuff, but we wanted to release in the hopes of receiving the support of more talented people.

DHL2 - Client

DHL2 - Windows Server

Linux DS Complete Beta 1.1

There are also 3 dedicated servers available for players to hop on, much thanks goes out to GHG Clan for providing 2 of the servers and the mirrors for the download links, as well as Ministry of Action.

Now the bad news. We had to cut some maps due to last minute problems. We would like to release them in a patch along with proper models if a modeller would like to step up to the plate.

In conclusion, Happy holidays from the Distraction team and we look forward to playing with you all in the coming year.

Enjoy, & feel free to visit us at #distraction on the gamesurge network.

p.s: Thank you very much to all your support, we are no longer in need of any mirrors for the time being. :)

Nov. 4, 2009 - 7:16pmIt Lives!
So it's been quite a while but things are finally moving again. We have a very small active team without much free time at the moment but we're doing everything we can to prepare something releasable and are truthfully nearly finished. We're fully intending to release sometime before Christmas, but first we need to discuss...

What to expect
-As yet, there is no hand to hand melee and there are no special attacks nor blocking for the melee weapons that are in.
-There are only two player models, but new ones may be added easily.
-All weapons have fully functional models but many lack skins and/or have animation issues.
-Numerous minor bugs will still exist but with community help they can be addressed quickly.
-Values for weapon damage, accuracy, and rate of fire have been quickly tested for balance but are implemented entirely in scripts, so detailed feedback from the community will be helpful for refinements.

We do have
-Ten great maps
-Deathmatch, team deathmatch, last man standing, and team roundplay gamemodes
-All the obvious things you take for granted until having to produce them personally (HUD, options panels, selection menus, etc.)
-16 weapons, including throwable knives and one pistol that can be wielded single or akimbo
-Body armor as a selectable item
-Basic dives
-Slow motion
-3rd Person

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